Aries de Jesus - IT Support Specialist
I was going through a painful divorce and I was an emotional wreck. Monica would send me Reiki from a distance and that helped me tremendously.  She would not tell me when she sent me distance healing but I would know because I would feel calm, peaceful and blissful.  Have Reiki will travel . . . and it did.  I'm so grateful for the gift of Reiki and for Monica.  Thank you so much!!!
Arnel de Jesus - Marketing Specialist/Yoga Teacher
I had sleep issues where I had trouble going back to sleep and staying asleep.  After a few Reiki sessions with Monica, I was sleeping longer.  That made all the difference in my state of my mind and has given me so much clarity about my life purpose.  I believe Reiki put me on the right path as I transitioned from working the corporate world to becoming a yoga teacher.  That Reiki GPS, it works!!!
Lyle Martinez - Emergency Room Nurse
Being an emergency room nurse is no easy feat.  My stress level when I'm at work is off the charts.  The effect of the Reiki treatment I receive from Monica is amazing because nothing would faze me and I can deal with tough situations calmly.  She truly is a powerful healer.  Thank you, Monica!
Deanna Noe - Actress
I met Monica after I had just gotten out of a four year relationship.  I didn't really know about Reiki healing.  In fact, you could even call me a skeptic.  She offered to do some work on me to relieve some of the incredible emotional pain I was in and to begin the process of separation.  The experience itself was intense in a good way.  The relief over the next several weeks and sessions I received was remarkable.  So remarkable that I've come to her several times for different reasons - childhood trauma, physical ailments, general energy alignment. Monica is a powerful healer and a compassionate, gentle person who has a passion for helping others.  I'm so happy to have met her and to have been introduced to such an amazing healing art.
Joseph Villagran - Reiki Master
Being a Reiki Master myself, I understand that each Reiki Practitioner has a unique energy and delivery.  I have a great appreciation for Monica's gentle, healing and relaxing Reiki energy/delivery.  I immediately fall into a relaxed state while Monica is working on me and always feel energized and refreshed after a session.

Jennifer Martinez - Tax Specialist
Juggling family life and my career is a struggle in itself.  I worry constantly and that leads to anxieties that manifest physically.  The Reiki treatment I receive from Monica helps get through my struggles; there is that feeling of calmness and reassurance that everything will be alright.  I believe that Monica's loving energy makes her a powerful healer.  I recommend her highly.