Healing Packages

* Same rates apply for Remote Healing

Once is Not Enough (one-time purchase)

60-minute session $100/hour

90-minute session $150/hour

Although you will feel a great deal of difference after your first session, for a deeper and lasting kind of healing, it's best to get Reiki treatment a few times to experience its full benefit.

Name that Tune-up (monthly) (6 months min.)

60-minute session $90/hour

90-minute session $135/hour

At this stage you have done a lot of work and healing has taken place. It's a good practice to get Reiki treatment once a month for maintenance and balance.

The Road Best Travelled (bi-weekly) (4 months min.)

60-minute session $75/hour

90-minute session $120/hour

You have done some work but you still have remaining issues that need to be addressed.  Getting Reiki treatment every other week may be your best bet.

Faithfully Devoted to You (weekly) (2 months min.)

60-minute session $65/hour

90-minute session $100/hour

You are serious about your recovery and want to go on a total healing journey. Getting Reiki treatment once a week is your best option when dealing with deep trauma of the past, the present and bring healing into the future.

Aren't you special? Specials

Buy 3 at $100 each . . . get the 4th one for $50

25% off your birthday month

25% off for paying referrals