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  1. Your GPS to Peace and Happiness
    Your GPS to Peace and Happiness
    In my opinion our only purpose in life is to be peaceful and happy . . . let me help you get there through Reiki. Let Reiki be your Guide to a Positive State (GPS).
  2. What is Reiki?
    What is Reiki?
    Reiki is an energy healing technique based on the principle that energy is channeled into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.
  3. Remote Healing
    Remote Healing
    Reiki can be sent remotely, healing can take place where ever you are.

What it's like to work with me?

What do I specialize in?

Ways Reiki helped my clients

  • Relieves depression
  • Relieves grief and sadness
  • Relieves fear and anxiety
  • Provides better sleep
  • Manifests business opportunities
  • Manifests prosperity
  • Helps in resolving relationship issues
  • Tempers anger and resentment
  • Cuts cord when a relationship no longer serves you
  • Provides clarity in making decisions
Let's just say I specialize in healing broken hearts.  I have plenty of experience getting my heart broken many times and have survived everyone of them.  These experiences are both lessons and blessings.  If you have relationship issues or are struggling  from a painful breakup, you don't have to go at it alone; come to me for healing and let Reiki GPS help you.

How do I do Reiki differently?

I am greatly connected to the Spirit Realm and will call in Spirit Guides before starting treatment.  I then introduce and connect you with one of your Spirit Guides to help with your healing and guidance.  I also infuse a healing Reiki Crystal to your heart chakra with a specific intention so the healing session goes home with you and lasts a lifetime.

What my clients are saying . . .